Talk: Paola Leonardi

11:00 May 26, 2018 University of Suffolk, Waterfront Building, Ipswich

Paola Leonardi is a London based photographer and a lecturer at London Metropolitan University and UoS. Her work is concerned with the representation of cultural identity, its shifts and states of transition and how these relate to the territories we inhabit.

Paola will be discussing her current work, ‘Borderlands: The Edges of Europe’, a collection of photographs representing the people and places along the borders of the European Union. Covering long distances on foot, this series focuses on the connection between people and territory and the significance of trans-national and transcultural identities, exploring the relevance of European identity and its relationship with concepts of home and belonging, memory and territory and how these have been shaped by events.

Her work has been previously sponsored by the Arts Council England and the European Cultural Foundation; over the past few years her work has been selected for the Copenhagen Festival of Photography and she has also exhibited in the UK, Italy, Armenia and the US.


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Talk: Paola Leonardi

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