Talk: Michael Collins

14:00 May 26, 2018 University of Suffolk, Waterfront Building, Ipswich

Michael Collins is a photographer, writer and visiting Professor of Photography at UoS.  Through his work and writing Michael has had a significant influence and impact on contemporary British photography.

He will be talking about his research into the prehistory and the history of photography and its impact on his practice, specifically in relation to his landscape pictures from the Hoo Peninsula. His work has recently featured in the exhibitions ‘Tracing Transformations’, Sammlung/SK Stiftung Kultur, Cologne, Germany, and ‘Iris, Parthenon Sculpture’, British Museum, London.  His monographs include ‘Pictures from the Hoo Peninsula’ (Verlag Kettler) & ‘Landscape & Industry’ (Dewi Lewis).

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Talk: Michael Collins

Hoo Flats (diptych right) 2016 © Michael Collins