Love Story: Adama Jalloh

May 24, 2018 - June 24, 2018 - Outside, former Burtons Mill buidling, Ipswich Waterfront

Love story is an on-going work in progress series that focuses on how Adama sees London and the unique identity of communities within it.

One of the many purposes of this project is to simply show the soft, joyous and tender moments that she resonates with. Love Story has also been created to show how these simple moments captured are linked to each other one way or another.

With the images giving a nostalgic feeling, they speak quite closely to how Adama was brought up, and what and who she was surrounded by while growing up.

Adama Jalloh is a portrait/documentary photographer living and working in London. Her work mainly focuses on themes such as identity, race and culture. Adama’s main aim is to capture moments and tell visual stories in a genuine way. She draws inspirations from her surroundings and the flow of everyday life.



Love Story:  Adama Jalloh

Shoreditch 2016 © Adama Jalloh