Great British Welcome

May 24, 2018 - June 24, 2018 - Cult Cafe, University Av., Ipswich

Would you open your home to a stranger?

These intimate portraits and their accompanying captions show how refugees and the people who have welcomed them into their homes are living together in five countries across Europe – and how both benefit from the arrangement. From a young Syrian LGBT artist who found a fresh start and friendship in Malmö, Sweden, to a 72-year-old Eritrean saved from sleeping on the streets by a Birmingham couple in the UK, the collection shows acts of compassion, but also the human face of a refugee crisis often portrayed in negative stereotypes.

This  series was developed by the photographer Aubrey Wade in partnership with UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency.  The exhibition was first show earlier this year at St Martin-in-the-Fields at London’s Trafalgar Square.

Great British Welcome

Simon Goldhill, professor of Greek literature at King's College, Cambridge, his wife Shoshana, a lawyer, and their daughter, Sarah, 27, who is studying medicine, are hosting Faraj, 21, a refugee from Syria in their Cambridge home. ©Aubrey Wade/UNHCR